Heaven on earth can be real,

and it can be right here.


There’s something that I love about shooting weddings that is hard to articulate. Sometimes I ask myself “how did I get so lucky?” I get to capture couples happiest moments and document instances that can be shared for a lifetime.

For me, the most beautiful part of all is listening to what they have to say about each other in their letters, vows or speeches. I must admit I’m a big cryer when it comes to people experiencing genuine happiness. I’m behind the camera shooting with a heart full of emotions, immersed in the moment. Capturing with my lenses the way they felt, the way they looked at each other, every instance that later I will turn into a bunch of beautiful clips. 



Hello, I'm Alejandra, I lived the first 18 years of my life with the Caribbean shore as my backyard, raised by a Peruvian family in the small island of Dominican Republic. Even though palm trees and oceanfronts offered me endless inspiration, my real journey as a professional began once I left. In 2008 I brought myself to New York City, to study documentary filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. In 2009 I traveled to the country of my grandparents, Peru, to study fashion and nude photography at the Peruvian Institute for Art and Design. With each experience came opportunities to grow both personally and professionally which helped shape me as an artist.


With nearly a decade of experience in the visual arts, I now make my bed in the beautiful city of Chicago, an immense cultural hub with countless outlets for the arts. For a creative person, Chicago is a dream come true and it has helped to further my talent and sharpen my vision into what I call This Charming Heart; a multidisciplinary creative space where I get to live my life through my lens and share it with others. Cameras are my toys, my passion and I wake up everyday eager to put them to use. 

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Let’s just say I have watched our wedding highlight video at least a hundred times and we just got it last week. And I cried the first time I saw it. I was on the fence for awhile whether or not to hire a videographer but I am beyond happy that I went with This Charming Heart. Alejandra was so easy to work with, was really responsive both before and after the wedding, and worked really well with my photographer the day of. She and her assistant are the type of videographers who somehow manage to get all of the best shots without being in your face about it- a lot of my guests didn’t even know we had a videographer- which was really important to me. Her work is just absolutely stunning and I would highly recommend This Charming Heart if you are looking for an artistic and romantic video to remember your special day!!



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